There is a large selection of different kinds of complete and balanced dog foods on the market and finding the best suited for your dog can feel even impossible at times. Marketing does not always tell the whole truth about the product’s real value for a dog’s nutrition. The products’ price level is defined more by the brand’s recognition than its quality. An owner who cares about their dog is in trouble trying to find the best option for their pet for a reasonable price.

    We have worked in the field since 1998 and over time we became more convinced that there is a need to develop a safe, top quality complete dog food range for a good price.

    A dream of the best dog food was born.

    After seeing many dog food brands scrimping on quality after receiving success, we wanted to keep production and thus consistent quality in our own hands.

    The starting point when designing the range was to create products that are of the highest quality, promote dogs’ well-being and please the owner both in regard to their characteristics and price. When designing the products, we took note of the newest information on dog nutrition and listened to the wishes of Finnish dog breeders and active dog enthusiasts. At the same time we also went back to the source of information, since based on dog history we know that a dog expressly needs to eat meat. A high-as-possible meat content became the primary goal of the range.

    Now we have turned the dream into reality and are proud to present the top-class ProBooster complete and balanced dog food range!

    Dogs are our loved family members; we do activities and work with them. We want to take care of them in the best possible way. An important part of care is the right kind of nutrition and thus we want to offer our dogs the best possible balanced and tasty food every day. ProBooster is the choice of an owner who cares about their pet and is quality-conscious. Carefully selected high-quality ingredients form the ideally digestible and tasty ProBooster complete dog foods, which give your dog vitality and support good health.

    Complete and balanced food such as ProBooster is a safe option for optimal feeding: it contains all the nutritional elements a dog needs in the right proportion for all life stages. When designing ProBooster products, we took notice of the lifestyle and nutritional needs of a modern dog living as a modern human’s companion, without forgetting a dog’s original digestive system suited for a wolf’s diet.

    The right kind of nutrition supports your dog’s well-being and thus also furthers longevity. That is why ProBooster is a safe choice for the daily nutrition of your best friend.

    Welcome to join us in the new era of dog feeding!


    A dog’s digestive system is a complex and important passage that processes food, chooses the central basic elements from the food and delivers nutrients to different parts of the body using the blood circulation system. A dog’s digestive system is comparatively short – only about four times the length of their body. This is why it is extremely important to offer dogs easily digestible ingredients.


    PROTEIN Dogs are carnivores. Carnivores need amino acids that come from meat-based protein. Even though changing life stages, environment and genotype define the protein need of a dog, to achieve good health the need for essential amino acids does not change. That is why the ProBooster complete foods contain a particularly large amount of meat, which also makes the food tasty. If you have so far fed your dog products with less meat, make sure to have a long enough adaptation phase while switching foods (2-3 weeks), so that your dog’s digestion has time to get used to the new, meaty nutrition!

    CARBOHYDRATES offer a fast source of energy which ensures good metabolic action. Different forms of carbohydrates, i.e. sugars, starch and fiber are essential parts of high-quality nutrition. ProBooster products do not contain corn or wheat, the only grain used is rice. Rice is easily digestible and naturally gluten-free. The No Grain product does not contain any grain; the source of carbohydrate is potato. The source of fiber in most ProBooster complete foods is dried apple, in the Lamb & Rice product beet pulp. Fructo- and mannan oligosaccharides are sugars that act as prebiotics.

    FAT ensures the ideal amount of energy for pets, supports their well-being, healthy skin and a shiny coat. Key position is held by Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids that are called essential fatty acids. Dogs who do not receive sufficient essential fatty acids suffer from a dry skin, lackluster coat and other health problems. ProBooster products use chicken fat which is an excellent source of energy and contains plenty of unsaturated and essential fatty acids. Unlike the other products, Lamb & Rice contains sheep fat. It is important to protect fat from oxidizing; the antioxidant in ProBooster products is natural tocopherol.


    Carefully selected fruits and herbs help to support the natural immune system. They improve palatability and promote the good health of skin, fur and joints. In addition, they help to prevent the effects of aging thanks to their high content of antioxidants. Shellfish and animal products also provide ingredients important for e.g. joint health. ProBooster complete foods use among other things the following ingredients to supplement your dog’s nutrition:

    APPLE contains pectin that regulates cholesterol and helps to protect against viruses, bacteria and moulds. Apple also contains plenty of antioxidants, thus acting as a natural cell protection. Apple is also a good source of fiber.

    GRAPE contains plenty of natural antioxidants.

    ROSEMARY contains useful oils, carnosine acids and tannins. Rosemary is one of nature’s strongest antioxidants and it is used to maintain the nutrient content of several ingredients.

    TURMERIC is an antibacterial spice that contains a natural antioxidant even stronger than vitamin E, i.e. curcumin (50 - 60 %).

    CITRUS FRUITS act as sources of vitamin C and pectin in our products.

    CLOVE is an antibacterial and disinfecting natural antioxidant.

    CRANBERRY contains plenty of vitamin C and different flavonoids i.e. antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the body and can prevent e.g. urinary tract infections.

    GLUCOSAMINE AND CHONDROITIN support good joint health. They alleviate joint pains and constrain joint inflammation.

    YUCCA SCHIDIGERA contains natural saponin that can help to naturally decrease the amount of ammonia in feces and urine and thus neutralize unpleasant odours.


    Congratulations on your new puppy! By offering your puppy nutritionally rich complete food developed for your dog’s size throughout the growth period, you create a solid base for your dog’s well-being for life. We hope that your puppy’s breeder has done their best to support your dog’s health by the means of selective breeding and given you professional advice on dog care. We want to help you with all our expertise on feeding a growing dog, in the form of ProBooster Puppy complete food!

    Choose Puppy Mini& Medium, if your dog’s expected adult weight is less than 25 kg or Puppy Maxi, it is 25 kg or more. Puppy Sensitive Lamb does not contain any chicken, so it is good choice for sensitive young dogs and puppies.

    A puppy has already got used to solid food before being placed in a new home. We recommend that you continue to offer the puppy complete food 4 times a day until the age of three months and 3 times a day until approximately the age of six months, after which feeding in the morning and evening is usually enough. If your dog’s breeder has not used ProBooster products, remember the gradual acclimatization to a meatier complete food (ks. see page). If needed, you can moisten the complete food to make it easier to eat for small puppies, but do not store the moistened food until the next feeding.

    Most puppies’ brain satiety center works without problems and occasionally some food may remain uneaten. This is normal and there is no need to force the puppy to eat or give it extra treats. You do your dog’s health a favor when you keep your puppy in normal weight all through the growth period. Regular deworming guarantees that nutrients end up in your dog’s development and not as parasite food.

    Switching to ProBooster adult food is topical for small breeds at the age of 6-8 months, for medium-sized ones at around a year old and for giant breeds one can wait up to the age of a year and a half.


    After the growth period it is natural to switch to the Adult product that matches your dog’s size; all dogs under 25 kg can use the Adult Mini&Medium complete food and dogs over 25 kg can use the Adult Maxi complete food. From Puppy Sensitive Lamb the natural choice is to switch to Adult Sensitive.
    Unlike some believe, a dog’s breed does not usually define its nutritional needs, but it is more important to choose a product according to the life stage, consumption and lifestyle.

    There might be phases in your dog’s life when the aforementioned Adult products are not the best possible complete food for feeding your dog. That is why we have complemented the ProBooster range to cover different special needs:

    PROBOOSTER SPORT is suitable for dogs that require plenty of energy, such as dogs that train a lot as well as hunting and working dogs. Your dog may also need sturdier food during gestation and lactation, when convalescent or getting too thin.

    PROBOOSTER LIGHT&SENIOR is suitable when the Adult complete food seems too energy-rich for your dog. Maybe your dog’s metabolism has slowed down because of age or sterilization or there is the danger of overweight for some other reason. Despite the smaller calorie intake, you can secure complete nutrition by choosing the meaty ProBooster Light & Senior complete food.

    PROBOOSTER SENSITIVE LAMB AND SENSITIVE SALMON do not contain any chicken, so if your dog is allergic to chicken protein or you suspect that it is oversensitive to chicken meat, we recommend using the ProBooster Sensitive complete food. Their only animal protein comes from lamb or Salmon.

    PROBOOSTER NO GRAIN does not contain any grain and it is the meatiest product in our range; no less than 69 % meat. Fresh, delicious chicken is complemented with salmon, herring, duck and egg protein. This product is a special source of pride for us and meets the needs of even the most demanding customers!

    We have pursued to take care of your dog’s basic nutritional needs in the best possible way while complementing the products with e.g. joint materials, prebiotics and other small ingredients that still do make a big difference for your dog’s well-being. By offering your dog high-quality ProBooster complete food throughout its life you can be sure that you support your dog’s well-being in the best possible way through nutrition!

    If you are a new ProBooster user, please see instructions for the gradual switching of food. A majority of the most popular products in the market are grain-based and it is thus probable that your dog’s digestive system needs some time to adapt to the meaty ProBooster complete food.


    When switching a dog’s complete food it is recommendable to carry out the switch gradually. The new and old foods are mixed for 2-3 weeks, gradually increasing the amount of the new food and decreasing the amount of the old one. Start by adding a few pieces of the new product into the dry food you used previously. Gradually add the amount of the new food every few days, keeping the total amount the same or decreasing it slightly while adding the share of ProBooster.

    If the switch is carried out gradually, it is easy to avoid the upset stomach problems that sometimes arise when switching foods. A slow switch is especially important when the dog switches from a grain-rich food to meat-rich complete and balanced food. If the switch is done too fast it might cause stomach problems for the dog. Dogs are individuals in this regard and it is important that you monitor your dog’s adaptation and proceed accordingly.

    For most dogs, a smaller daily serving is enough after the switch since the food is more nutritious and digestible than the old one. If you have been using grain-rich dog food you might be surprised how much smaller the daily serving becomes.

Remember to check the meat content of your dog food!